Matt Dunn Reveals New Book – What Might Have Been

[amazon_link id=”1477825029″ target=”_blank” ]What Might Have Been[/amazon_link]One of my favourite Romantic comedy authors Matt Dunn is returning with a new book called ‘What Might Have Been’

The story of ‘What Might Have Been’ is –

A year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night. Then Evan’s music—the thing that brought them together—suddenly tore them apart.

Since then, Evan’s not been able to forget about her. And try as she might, Sarah can’t seem to get over him either.

With time running out, Evan’s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be. But is one night enough for Sarah to make a decision about the rest of her life—even if it was the best night of her life? And if she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, how can Evan persuade her that what they had will last?

I am delighted to see the return of Matt and really looking forward to the release of this book.

You can pre-order [amazon_link id=”1477825029″ target=”_blank” ]What Might Have Been from Amazon [/amazon_link] and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 12th August 2014.

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