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Escape For The Summer By Ruth Saberton

Escape For The Summer‘Escape For The Summer’ is the latest book by Ruth Saberton.

Can Andi Evans find the strength to start again? Betrayed and broken-hearted, Andi’s redundancy is one shock too many. Suddenly single and in debt, a summer working in the pretty Cornish town of Rock seems the perfect solution.Determined never to trust again, will a chance meeting with a stranger change her mind?

Andi’s sister, Angel, is determined to find a man who can keep her in style. Heading to Rock, summer playground of the rich and famous, seems an inspired idea until a misunderstanding threatens to end a romance that has started to mean more to her than she ever expected… Actress Gemma is no stranger to diets and disappointments. As the future of her career hangs in the balance, Gemma hopes a summer in Cornwall solves her problems. With a reality TV show being filmed in the seaside town surely she can avoid the pasty shops and win herself a role. Arriving in idyllic Cornwall, all three girls are hoping for a holiday to remember. But will this be for the right reasons? Or, as emotions run higher than the tide, will the summer escape turn their lives upside down?

‘Escape For The Summer’ is a book that I enjoyed immensely with my head buried in he story, I was absorbed with accountants, cake loving celebrities and budding actresses and a handsome viscount. Set against the sunny backdrop of Cornwall, it was a perfect escapism read as the rain lashed against my bedroom windows.

The story is seen through the perspectives of the leading ladies, sisters Andi and Angel and their friend Gemma on the day that their lives all fall apart, losing their jobs, cheating boyfriends and too fat to get acting jobs. Deciding that enough is enough, the ladies pack up their bags and head to Cornwall to live in a caravan with an idea that is guaranteed to change all their lives.

Each chapter is from the narrative of the girls as they settle into their lives. Angel is determined to find herself a rich man so she can retire from being a beautician and strikes it lucky when she meets Lawrence, a viscount and through a chance encounter, becomes a beautician to a couple of rich Russians who like to pay her in designer clothes and handbags. Gemma is trying to get into acting but after bring told that she is becoming too fat, she tries to get into Callum South’s weight loss show. Ex-footballer and lover of food, Cal and Gemma become friends after an accident outside a bakery and discover they have a mutual love for food and baking. Together they try to lose weight under the harsh spotlight of the media and Cal’s overbearing manager. Whilst Andi is just trying to deal with being made redundant, her boyfriend not only cheating on her but also clearing out her bank account, she needs a break in life and when easygoing Jonty steps into her life and Andi’s luck finally changes.

Gemma’s a sweetheart of a character. Lacking in confidence, she finds solace in food even though it’s ruining the chances of her having a successful acting career. Angel is a determined socialite who regularly begs her sister for money to fund her expensive designer addiction. Quick witted with a sharp tongue, her logic often left me in giggles and her older sister, Andi is the more sensible of the two. Constantly looking out for her younger, frivolous sister and trying to get over her sponging and cheating boyfriend, Tom, who was a horrible character from the very start.

This book is a delicious story that was impossible to put down. All the characters were fun, relatable and realistic that easily made the story am enjoyable read. Filled with funny and romantic moments, ‘Escape For The Summer’ is the perfect book to curl up with, to escape the trials of life and will definitely inject some sunshine into your life.

You can buy Escape for the Summer from Amazon.

Matt Dunn Reveals New Book – What Might Have Been

What Might Have BeenOne of my favourite Romantic comedy authors Matt Dunn is returning with a new book called ‘What Might Have Been’

The story of ‘What Might Have Been’ is –

A year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night. Then Evan’s music—the thing that brought them together—suddenly tore them apart.

Since then, Evan’s not been able to forget about her. And try as she might, Sarah can’t seem to get over him either.

With time running out, Evan’s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be. But is one night enough for Sarah to make a decision about the rest of her life—even if it was the best night of her life? And if she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, how can Evan persuade her that what they had will last?

I am delighted to see the return of Matt and really looking forward to the release of this book.

You can pre-order What Might Have Been from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 12th August 2014.

Chrissie Manby Releases Short Ebook – Just In Case

Just In CaseIt seems that Chrissie Manby is treating us to two holiday themed books this year. With the release of her upcoming novel ‘A Proper Family Holiday’ she is also releasing a short ebook called ‘Just In Case’

The story of ‘Just In Case’ is –

Never were there two less similar identical twins than Clare and Rosie Marwood. Though they were born within three minutes of each other and spent their childhoods dressed in matching outfits, they’ve grown up to have less in common than Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge.

So both women are horrified when a luggage mix-up means that sensible Clare must attend a company conference in the United States with Rosie’s suitcase full of pink, frills and stripper heels, while flamboyant Rosie heads for a friend’s destination wedding in Italy’s Tuscany with Clare’s case full of suiting and sensible courts. Both believe wearing the other’s clothes is going to ruin their chances: Clare’s of getting a promotion and Rosie’s of getting a snog. But as three days of literally having to walk in each other’s shoes unfold, will the sisters discover they should try to be more like each other after all?

Sounding like another entertaining book from one of my favourite authors, ‘Just In Case’ will tie us over until the release of ‘A Proper Family Holiday’

You can buy Just In Case from Amazon

The Christmas List By Chrissie Manby

The Christmas List‘The Christmas List’ is a short Christmas ebook from Chrissie Manby.

It’s the 1st of December and Milly Arnold is facing a miserable Noel. Newly single, the last thing she wants to do is join her settled sister and her young family for the first of their traditions: the writing of the Christmas lists. However Milly’s nephews have other ideas and insist she writes a list of her own (with illustrations to help Father Christmas decipher her terrible handwriting). Milly duly makes a request for a bunch of roses, some chocolate and a new pair of shoes. She doesn’t expect to get any of it.

However, that very day, a box of chocolates appears, swiftly followed by the roses. And when Milly wins a voucher to buy a pair of shoes, she begins to wonder if there’s something in this Christmas cosmic ordering after all. She quickly amends her first letter. However, as Christmas gets closer and the items she requested appear in increasingly unexpected ways, Milly starts to worry that Santa might be taking her list just a little too literally…

The last few weeks, we have been in-undated with Christmas short stories and although the stories have all been fabulously heartwarming filled with mistletoe and wine, there was something about ‘The Christmas List’ that for me, made it stand out from the others.

I think because there was a bit of magic injected into the tale, that made the story quite captivating and spellbinding.

The story is about Milly, a girl who is in love with Christmas and is looking forward to Christmas family traditions and most importantly her first Christmas with her boyfriend, Duncan. But sadly, fate deals Milly a cruel hand and she suddenly finds herself a single lady. No longer filled with festive cheer, Milly longs for Christmas to be over, but finds that a bit hard with overexcited nephews and a chimney that seems to grant every wish.

‘The Christmas List’ is a fabulous and enchanting story that I read in one sitting. With a cheerful and kindhearted leading lady, cheeky children and delicious banter and frolics, this short and sweet story makes for indulgent Christmas reading.

You can buy The Christmas List from Amazon.

Last Christmas By Talli Roland

Last Christmas‘Last Christmas’ is a short Christmas ebook by Talli Roland.

Eager to banish the ghost of Christmas past – when her boyfriend dumped her on the streets of Paris – Lucy is determined to make this the best Christmas ever. She rallies friends and family for an epic celebration that just happens to fall on the same day as her ex’s festive wedding. Furious at how she’s been treated, Lucy can’t help relishing the party v wedding smackdown.

But when the wedding is threatened and only Lucy can help, can she find the spirit inside to save the day, or will this Christmas be even more disastrous than the last?

As I sat on a cold bus, one freezing morning, I snuggled up with Talli Roland’s short festive novella ‘Last Christmas’ and as I sped through each chapter, I felt a warmth flow through my freezing limbs as I enjoyed this Christmas tale.

Lucy is the lead character of the story and is still reeling from the heartache of last Christmas when she poured her heart out to her ex-boyfriend, only to have it thrown back in her face. Fast forward a year later, Lucy is still heartbroken whilst her ex boyfriend Robert is eagerly planning his wedding for Christmas Day. Lucy’s friend and work colleague Mimi, decides enough is enough that they will throw a Christmas party that will rival the wedding reception and as the days loom closer to the party and the wedding, Lucy wonders whether she will regret the party.

Lucy is a lovely character, that I immediately warmed to, I liked her bubbly personality and sweet nature. I particularly liked how excited she was about her upcoming party and how she secretly enjoyed her guest list rivalling that of her ex’s wedding, I thought she was such fun and I enjoyed joining her as she prepared for the celebrations.

Mimi, Lucy’s outspoken friend was a great character, blunt and witty, she pushed Lucy into feeling more confident about herself and helped her arrange the perfect Christmas party with her infectious festive spirit, it was hard not to get into the party mood with these two ladies and with the addition of the handsome and charming James, a perfect gentleman, it was easy to consume this story in one sitting.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh story, fun and lively from the first page, ‘Last Christmas’ is a captivating and merry tale that will take definitely entertain you on a winter evening.

You can buy Last Christmas from Amazon.