Spotlight – The Drowning Place By S.W. Kane

Today’s tour features a spotlight on the latest book by S.W. Kane called ‘The Drowning Place’.

What the back cover says –

Murder on an abandoned housing development―and a web of dark secrets stretching back decades…

Looking for clues about her sister’s death amid the crumbling decay of a derelict and near-deserted London neighbourhood, urban explorer Connie Darke makes a terrifying discovery: William Stark, the estate’s architect and long-time resident, is hanging from the church’s vaulted ceiling.

For DI Lew Kirby, there’s no doubt that Stark was lured to his death―but who wanted him dead, and why? As Connie begins a covert investigation, desperate to find a connection to her sister, Kirby soon discovers that the remaining residents have something to hide.

Could there be a connection between Stark’s death and the unsolved case of Kevin Shires, a boy who went missing from the estate decades ago? And with Kirby and Connie both digging into the long-buried history of the estate’s darkest corners, what other secrets will be unearthed from the ruins of Grasmere?

If you’re a fan of crime, then this book is a must for you!

You can buy ‘The Drawing Place’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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