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Blurred Lines By Hannah Begbie

Blurred Lines‘Blurred Lines’ is the latest book by Hannah Begbie.

When Becky walks in on her boss with a woman who isn’t his wife, she’s horrified, but says nothing. She owes Matthew too much. But when the same woman accuses him of rape, Becky is trapped in a nightmare. Was what she saw rape – or is Matthew, her trusted mentor, telling the truth? Becky must try to ignore her own traumatic past and its terrible hold on her. As Becky attempts to untangle these blurred lines, she risks everything, even her home and family, to find the truth…

I’ve been fortunate to have read some fantastic books this year but I have to say that the twist in ‘Blurred Lines’ has been the best one yet!

The story is about Becky who’s a budding film writer, walks in on her boss having sex with another woman. This woman then claims that she was raped and is looking for the woman who saw them to come forward as a witness. This happens at a critical time in Becky’s career when her script has been picked up by both a director and actress and finally her dreams might become a reality.

Becky is the mother to a teenage daughter called Georgia and is best friends with Georgia’s dad called Adam.

The story is written in past and present tense. The present tense is when Becky is also a teenager and goes to a house party and taking some pills and waking up the following morning with no memory. As time goes by and the pressure is on Becky to come forward, Becky finds herself questioning her own history and trying to piece together what happened to her that night at the house party that changed her life forever.

I genuinely loved this story, it was addictive reading with such a well written and crafted story story that I spent my Sunday absorbed in this book. Becky was a fantastic character, a strong woman who’s primary concern is her teenage daughter. As the story progresses and we see Becky explore her past and try to fill in the blank spaces, we see her realise her own worth and confront fears.

Fantastically written with one of the best twists of 2020, ‘Blurred Lines’ is a story of toxic masculinity, control and the pressures of society. With flashbacks, unreliable narratives and unlikable characters, this book is a compelling story, that’s prevalent to the #MeToo and is timely in its writing.

You can pre-order ‘Blurred Lines’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 20th August.