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Last Girl Ghosted By Lisa Unger

Last Girl Ghosted‘Last Girl Ghosted’ is the 19th book by Lisa Unger.

When Wren Greenwood meets a good-looking stranger from a dating app, she expects a casual fling – but they connect immediately. Adam Harper is her perfect match. She falls for him. She confides in him. And then he disappears… his profiles deleted, his phone disconnected, his Manhattan apartment emptied. First, Wren blames herself. Then she hears about the other girls – girls who fell in love with Adam, and are now missing. Wren needs answers, but as she follows the breadcrumb trail Adam left behind, it leads back to her own dark past. Suddenly, she’s no longer sure if she’s predator or prey. She only knows one thing: whatever it takes, she’ll be the last girl he ever ghosts…

The night social media switched off, I was blissfully unaware as I was absorbed in this book.

Tense and thrilling from the first page, Lisa writes a fast paced thriller with a fascinating protagonist and an even more fascinating back story.

The story is seen through the narrative of Wren, a successful problem solver who decides to give love a go and sign up to a dating app called Torch where she meets Adam. They fall in love and then just as he’s about to ask her something important, he disappears.

Detective Bailey then comes into her life and is trying to find a man who matches Adam’s description involving three other women and Wren starts her own in investigation into his disappearance and ends up revisiting old ghosts and memories.

Thr story is also seen in a past sequence and this makes for interesting reading as it’s seen from the narrative of a child living in fear of a controlling father who’s obsessed about the end of the world. The innocence and the naivety of the child makes for poignant reading as they try to keep their father happy as well and keep their family together.

Wren is a great character, with a background in problem solving with a blog and podcast series called ‘Dear Birdie’, people write in with their problems and with her best friend called Jax they offer advice. She’s kind, sweet with secrets and thought that meeting Adam who was handsome, charismatic and promised her the dream would finally find her happy ever after.

‘Last Girl Ghosted’ is an interesting and dark twist on ghosting that’s cleverly written, addictive and atmospheric.

You can buy ‘Last Girl Ghosted’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Stranger Inside By Lisa Unger

The Stranger Inside‘The Stranger Inside’ is the latest book by Lisa Unger.

Rain Winter left journalism behind to focus on her baby daughter. But when a man acquitted for murder is killed, in the same way as his suspected victims, Rain sees a pattern emerging between a series of cold cases. Meticulous and untraceable, this killer strikes in the dead of night, making sure that the guilty are suitably punished for their crimes. As Rain’s investigation deepens, she must face up to dark secrets in her own past and the realisation that the killer may be closer than she thinks…

I spent my Sunday with my head buried in this book. A story of conflicted morals and lucky escapes, this psychological thriller was gripping from the start.

The story is seen through multiple narratives, namely Rain, who as a child avoided kidnapping but in doing so loses her best friend and leaves her other friend severely broken. Taking a break from her job as an investigative journalist, she decides to investigate into a series of murders where the victims have been convicted of a crime and are killed in the same way as their victims. As Rain starts to investigate into this story, it brings back unexpected feelings that she thought she had hidden. The other narrative is from the killer, giving an interesting slant to the story, as they justify their actions.

The story is written at a clever and fast pace, immediately drawing the reader in with the unreliable narratives, which gives the an excellent twist to the story. Rain is a complex character, as much as she tries not to think about her ordeal and the impact it had on her life, it really has shaped her into the woman that she has become. A woman who believes in justice and is determined to find out the real identity of the ‘Night Hawk’ killer.

Atmospheric from the first page, ‘The Stranger Inside’ is superbly crafted and well plotted story, with drama and suspense lifting from the page, this is the first book I’ve read by Lisa Unger and will most certainly not be the last!

You can buy ‘The Stranger Inside’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.