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Jane Fallon Reveals New Book – Faking Friends

Faking FriendsI’m delighted to see that Jane Fallon is back with a delicious new book called ‘Faking Friends’.

What the back cover says

Amy thought she knew who Melissa was Рthen again, Amy also thought she was on the verge of the wedding of her dreams to her long-distance fianc̩.

When her career suddenly begins to unravel, Amy pays a surprise trip home to London. Her boyfriend Jack is out, but it looks like another woman has been making herself at home . . .

And that Other Woman is Melissa.

Amy has lost her job, her fiancé, her best friend and her home in one disastrous weekend – but instead of falling apart she’s determined to get her own back.

Piecing her life back together won’t be half as fun as dismantling theirs, after all.

After loving Jane’s last book, ‘My Sweet Revenge’, I’m on the countdown to ‘Faking Friends’.

You can pre-order Faking Friends from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 11th January 2018.

Jane Fallon Releases New Book – Strictly Between Us

Strictly Between Us’It’s a great start to the New Year for fans of Jane Fallon, as she is returning to our bookshelves with a new book called ‘Strictly Between Us’.

The story of ‘Strictly Between Us’ is –

Behind every great woman stands another one.

And for television producer Tamsin, that’s Bea, her brilliant assistant. The only one Tamsin can trust with her coffee order, her dry-cleaning and filing – Bea does it all with a smile on her face.

So when Tamsin hears a rumour that Patrick, her oldest and best friend’s husband, is cheating on his wife, she is furious. Knowing she can’t just ignore it, Tamsin plots a scheme to catch Patrick in the act, using Bea as live-bait. It should be foolproof.

Except Tamsin never considered Bea might have her own agenda.

And if she does, then Tamsin really needs to watch her back . . .

With a simply, stylish cover combined with Jane intriguing storyline, ‘Strictly Between Us’ sounds like a gripping book. I’m really looking forward to this one.

You can pre-order Strictly Between Us from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 31st December 2015.