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A Cinderella Christmas By Holly Kingston

A Cinderella Christmas‘A Cinderella Christmas’ is Holly Kingston’s latest book.

This year’s Cinderella pantomime is the hottest production in town. What’s more, Lucy is starring alongside Ryan Aspall: famous TV actor, sex symbol and potential love of her entire life. One teeny problem – Lucy is tripping the light fantastic as … the back end of the comedy cow. Surely nothing kills a flirty moment quite like wearing a massive set of udders?

At least she has the support of glamorous (if potentially flammable) Charmaine; a reality star diva of a Cinderella, who Lucy is completely fascinated by. But behind the fame and beauty, Charmaine is not all she seems.

With more drama off the stage than on it, and everyone wanting to be star of the show, will Lucy find the confidence to make it out of the cow suit and into the spotlight this Christmas?

‘A Cinderella Christmas’ is a charming and witty that does make for an entertaining read.

Our unfortunate protagonist is Lucy a lady who dreamt of being a professional dancer, finds herself playing the back end of a cow in the local pantomime. Working alongside one of the nations most popular reality tv stars Charmaine and one of the most listed after actors Ryan, she finds herself in awe and at the beck and call of Charmaine and lusting after Ryan. The handsome actor leaves Lucy tongue-tied in his presence and often in ridiculous and unfortunate situations, that did make me snigger.

Just like its title, the story is quite similar to the ‘Cinderella’ story itself, the only that seems to be missing from the story is the ugly stepsisters but with Charmaine malicious personality and her obsession with plastic surgery and her rat like dog Lenin, they could most definitely play these characters of the story.

Lucy is a lovely character, the underdog of the tale who longs for a successful career and just like the play she is in wants her happy ever after, but sadly lacks the confidence in herself. Even though, her friend, handsome Ben who plays the other end of the cow is constantly telling her to believe in herself.

‘A Cinderella Christmas’ is a lovely, heartwarming and enjoyable festive story that is ideal to snuggle up with during these dark winter nights and the perfect introduction to Novelicious’ latest author, Holly Kingston.

You can buy A Cinderella Christmas from Amazon

My Favourite Fairytale and Prince Charming By Holly Kingston

Holly KingstonI am delighted to welcome Holly Kingston to Handwritten Girl and as part of the blog tour for her new book ‘A Cinderella Christmas’, I asked Holly, what is her favourite fairyale and who is her favourite Prince Charming?

My ultimate Fairytale would be a Disney combo platter, a fantastical pick and mix of costumes characters and stories!

The tale would start with Cinderella being transformed from a mermaid (stick with me here, this isn’t going to get any more plausible any time soon!) into a human being, with real legs and everything. But she’s warned by the Wicked Witch that she only has one day out of the sea. Our Cinders is on a deadline, 24 hours to find love, then she’s back to being a fish.

Blossoming into a bit of a stunner and wearing a pale blue ball frock covered in diamanté, our Cinders royally gets up the nose of ruler of the realm, the Wicked Stepmother from Snow White. Hair tearingly jealous of Cinders’ fantastic fashion sense and giant hooped skirt, the Stepmother decides to hide Cinderella up a high tower where no-one can ever find her. Unfortunately, Cinderella’s dress is too wide for the narrow steps to the hidden room. So the Stepmother gives up trying to heave her up the stairwell and poisons her instead with a really shiny red apple. She dumps Cinders deep in the forest, and leaves her to perish.

As Cinders slips into an attractive, yet nevertheless debilitating coma, she’s spotted and rescued by the Seven Dwarves. Wanting to protect our heroine, but unwilling to have a sleeping tenant in their already crowded little cottage, the Dwarves drag the sleeping Cinders up a gnarly beanstalk. They carry her on their shoulders into the Beast’s castle where they place her in a crystal casket inside the impressive library. The Dwarves immediately get distracted by all the wonderful books and sit down to have a good read. Even Grumpy enjoys reading!

BOOM! The windows to the library fly open causing pages of the books to flutter, and Aladdin flies in through one of the oak panelled frames. Standing on his floaty blanket doing some kind of impressive yoga pose, he makes a wish to the genie of the lamp for the beautiful Cinderella to awake. Cinders rouses from her stupor and bats those big ‘ole eyelashes at Aladdin. Perhaps she’s found her true love. She doesn’t want to go back to the ocean alone! Unfortunately at that moment, Sneezy the dwarf has an attack of hay-fever, which alerts the Beast to the party going on in his enormous book closet…

The Beast stands in the doorway, towering over his uninvited guests. On seeing the enormous man of the house, Aladdin starts to sweat and does a flyer on his magic carpet taking his shiny lamp with him. Cinders realises that the guy who woke her is a bit of a chicken and definitely not the one for her. As her gaze rests on Beast, Cinders begins to have a semi-terrified panic attack, which summons her Fairy Godmother to her side. The Fairy Godmother swhooshes her sparkly wand through the air and…TADA…

The Beast is transformed into his true princely form.

Instead of legs, he has a single giant fish flipper, covered in gorgeous copper scales.

Well Cinders is immediately smitten! And once they’ve found a nice underwater palace where they can just about afford the mortgage repayments, Cinders and her fella live happily ever after.


A Cinderella Christmas If I can’t have that story though then I’ll settle for regular ‘Cinderella’!It really is one of my favourite stories. Oooh, although if we’re talking film fairytales, ‘The Princess Bride’ is wonderful to watch! And I love love love ‘Stardust’ too.

Whenever I think Prince Charming my mind always flips to George Clooney. I can’t help it. I have a very optimistic mind. I just worry that he might be a tad old for the part now though. Sorry George. Age discrimination happens in fairy tales too. So maybe George would have to be King Charming, with his dashing son Chris Hemsworth as Prince Charming. But then I’d fancy the King and his Princely son, which would just be wrong. So I’d have to run off with Evil Prince Caspian, played by Colin Farrell. God, this is fun! But, knowing me, I’d probably trip over my giant frilly frock and Prince Caspian would look at me all disenchanted, and run off with one of my sisters. (Not that I have any sisters in the real world. But you know what I mean!)

You can buy Holly’s new book A Cinderella Christmas from Amazon and it’s about a prince, a diva, a tiny cold dog and one very frustrated cow.

Last Christmas By Talli Roland

Last Christmas‘Last Christmas’ is a short Christmas ebook by Talli Roland.

Eager to banish the ghost of Christmas past – when her boyfriend dumped her on the streets of Paris – Lucy is determined to make this the best Christmas ever. She rallies friends and family for an epic celebration that just happens to fall on the same day as her ex’s festive wedding. Furious at how she’s been treated, Lucy can’t help relishing the party v wedding smackdown.

But when the wedding is threatened and only Lucy can help, can she find the spirit inside to save the day, or will this Christmas be even more disastrous than the last?

As I sat on a cold bus, one freezing morning, I snuggled up with Talli Roland’s short festive novella ‘Last Christmas’ and as I sped through each chapter, I felt a warmth flow through my freezing limbs as I enjoyed this Christmas tale.

Lucy is the lead character of the story and is still reeling from the heartache of last Christmas when she poured her heart out to her ex-boyfriend, only to have it thrown back in her face. Fast forward a year later, Lucy is still heartbroken whilst her ex boyfriend Robert is eagerly planning his wedding for Christmas Day. Lucy’s friend and work colleague Mimi, decides enough is enough that they will throw a Christmas party that will rival the wedding reception and as the days loom closer to the party and the wedding, Lucy wonders whether she will regret the party.

Lucy is a lovely character, that I immediately warmed to, I liked her bubbly personality and sweet nature. I particularly liked how excited she was about her upcoming party and how she secretly enjoyed her guest list rivalling that of her ex’s wedding, I thought she was such fun and I enjoyed joining her as she prepared for the celebrations.

Mimi, Lucy’s outspoken friend was a great character, blunt and witty, she pushed Lucy into feeling more confident about herself and helped her arrange the perfect Christmas party with her infectious festive spirit, it was hard not to get into the party mood with these two ladies and with the addition of the handsome and charming James, a perfect gentleman, it was easy to consume this story in one sitting.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh story, fun and lively from the first page, ‘Last Christmas’ is a captivating and merry tale that will take definitely entertain you on a winter evening.

You can buy Last Christmas from Amazon.

Tilly Bagshawe Releases Short ebook – One Christmas Morning


Fans of Tilly Bagshaw will be delighted to see that the author is releasing a short Christmas ebook just in time for the festive season, called “One Christmas Morning”

The story is –

Christmas is not the time to get your heart broken…

Dumped by the love of her life and in need of some time to recover, screenwriter Laura Tiverton retreats to the idyllic village of Fittlescombe where she used to spend time as a girl. Maybe lending her expertise to the annual nativity play will be just what she needs.

Village heart-throb and the nativity’s leading man, Gabe Baxter, has always been jealous of Laura. And now she’s back – beautiful, bossy, and driving him insane.

When the hotly-anticipated Christmas Ball comes around Laura can’t quite believe her luck when she gets a date with the sexy playwright Daniel Smart. Perhaps it’s going to be a merry Christmas after all. But when the night doesn’t go to plan, and the day of the nativity dawns, Laura can’t imagine showing her face in the village again.

On the night before Christmas, who will be able to persuade her that the show must go on?

At the bargain price of £1.99, this is one ebook I am definitely looking forward too!

One Christmas Morning (Short Story) is available from Amazon from 6th December 2012.