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Louise Candlish Reveals New Book – Those People

Those PeopleI’m delighted to see that Louise Candlish has revealed her new book for 2019 called ‘Those People’.

What the back cover says –

Until Darren Booth moves in at number 1, Lowland Way, the neighbourhood is a suburban paradise. But soon after his arrival, disputes over issues like loud music and parking rights escalate all too quickly to public rows and threats of violence.

Then, early one Saturday, a horrific crime shocks the street. As the police go house-to-house, the residents close ranks and everyone’s story is the same: Booth did it.

But there’s a problem. The police don’t agree with them.

I was fortunate to read a taster of the book and for those who loved ‘Our House’, you’re in a for a treat!

You can pre-order ‘Those People’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 27th June 2019.

Books and the City Spring Blogger Event 2019

Books and the City Spring Blogger Event 2019With being based in Northern Ireland, I sometimes miss out on book events, so when the lovely Sara Jade Virture from Books and the City invited me to their Spring Bloggers event, I literally jumped on a plane.

It was a wonderful evening, packed with fellow book lovers and some of Books and the City authors and we got the chance to hear extracts from Iona Grey’s new book called ‘The Glittering Hour’, Alice Peterson’s ‘If You Were Here’, Claire Frost’s debut novel called ‘Living My Best Life’, Milly Johnson’s latest book ‘The Magnificent Mrs Mayhem’ and Rachel Hore’s new book ‘The Lost Child’.

As well as the delicious readings, we were also given proofs of Paige Toon’s new book called ‘If I Could Anywhere’ as well as Catherine Isaac’s new book called ‘Messy, Wonderful Us’.

As per usual Sara Jade’s goodie bags were a delight filled with samples from upcoming books, sweetie flavoured shower gel as well as beautiful book themed necklace and who can forget the cupcakes!

It was also lovely to chat to Louise Candlish about her hugely successful book called ‘Our House’ as well as meet Heidi Swain, Juliet Ashton and Alice Peterson, as well as I finally got a photograph with Milly Johnson.

A huge thank you to Sara Jade and the Books and the City team for organising a wonderful evening and the generous gifts.

Heidi Swains Reveals New Book – Poppy’s Recipe For Life

Poppy's Recipe For LifeI’m delighted to reveal the latest book by Heidi Swain called ‘Poppy’s Recipe For Life’.

What the back cover says –

Things haven’t always been straightforward in Poppy’s life but her dreams are finally within her reach.

She’s moving into a cottage in beautiful Nightingale Square, close to the local community garden, where she can indulge her passion for making preserves and pickles. She may not have the best relationship with her family but she is surrounded by loving friends, and feels sure that even her grumpy new neighbour, Jacob, has more to him than his steely exterior belies.

But the unexpected arrival of Poppy’s troubled younger brother soon threatens her new-found happiness and as the garden team works together to win community space of the year, Poppy must decide where her priorities lie and what she is prepared to fight for …

With a stunning cover, treat yourself to a gl orious novel full of food, sunshine, friendship and love.

You can pre-order ‘Poppy’s Recipe For Life’ from Amazon and will be available from good bookshops from 30th May 2019.

While I Was Sleeping By Dani Atkins

While I Was Sleeping‘While I Was Sleeping’ is the latest heartbreaking book by Dani Atkins.

What if someone else was living your happy ever after?
When Maddie wakes up in a hospital bed, she can’t remember anything about what happened to her or what has changed.
She just remembers she was about to be married and had everything to look forward to.
But it seems life has become a lot more complicated while she has been asleep.

This book was released mid 2018, but I ended up leaving it until December until I read this tearjerker and I can wholeheartedly understand why a lot of people had this book as one of their favourite reads of 2018.

It’s powerful and emotional from the very beginning and really pulls the reader in. The story is seen through the narrative of two women Maddie and Chloe.

The story starts just as Maddie is preparing to pay her bills for her wedding. She’s excited that she’s about to marry the love of her life, as well as carrying their first baby. But, fate is against the young couple, as Maddie is struck by a car leaving her in a coma. When Maddie eventually wakes from her coma, her life is far from she ever imagined. Six years later, she wakes up and Ryan is married to another woman.

Heartbroken that her happily ever after didn’t come to life, Maddie has to adjust to a new life and heal after being in a coma for so long.

Chloe, is Ryan’s wife and for years has felt that she has lived in Maddie’s shadow and worries now that Maddie is out from the coma, that Ryan’s old feelings will return.

Dual narratives to the story give a lovely insight to the characters, as both women struggle with the strange situation and learn to adapt as well as realise that neither of them is the enemy and begin to form a tentative friendship. It’s difficult to go into too much detail with this book as you could easily reveal a spoiler.

A tearjerker from the first page, this story is beautifully written and is an emotional tale that does make for heart-breaking and bittersweet reading. Tender and warm from the start, ‘While I Was Sleeping’, is a story of new beginnings, love and friendship that should come with an emotional warning!

You can buy While I Was Sleeping from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Mother Of All Christmases By Milly Johnson

The Mother Of All Christmases‘The Mother Of All Christmases’ is the latest book by Milly Johnson.

Eve Glace – co-owner of the theme park Winterworld – is having a baby and her due date is a perfectly timed 25th December. And she’s decided that she and her husband Jacques should renew their wedding vows with all the pomp that was missing the first time. But growing problems at Winterworld keep distracting them. Annie Pandoro and her husband Joe own a small Christmas cracker factory, are well set up and happy together despite life never blessing them with a much-wanted child. But when Annie finds that the changes happening to her body aren’t typical of the menopause but pregnancy, her joy is uncontainable. Palma Collins has agreed to act as a surrogate, hoping the money will get her out of the gutter in which she finds herself. But when the couple she is helping split up, is she going to be left carrying a baby she never intended to keep? Annie, Palma and Eve all meet at the ‘Christmas Pudding Club’, a new directive started by a forward-thinking young doctor to help mums-to-be mingle and share their pregnancy journeys. Will this group help each other to find love, contentment and peace as Christmas approaches?

Milly is back with another festive read that will have you laughing and crying in quick succession.

Over 500 pages long, this book is quite the tale and sees the welcome return to some of Milly’s well loved characters from her previous books, which is a lovely addition to the story to see where they are in life.

The story is primarily seen through the perspective of Palma. A young woman who is so desperate for money that she is paid to have a baby for a struggling couple but when the plan falls through, decides to keep the baby for herself. Annie and her husband Joe, think their time has passed and when Annie thinks she is going through the change, she is delighted to discover that she is a actually pregnant and finally Eve is flat out with renovations to her Winter Wonderland and being pregnant is an unexpected surprise.

I love the characters in this story, their warm-hearted and relatable women that made for charming and occasionally sad reading. I loved the leading ladies, but have to admit that Palma was my favourite. She was the underdog of the story, who lived a hard life and felt underserved of love and when she faced life as a single mother, she embraced it with both hands.

There are some smaller sub-stories within the main plot line, that all come neatly and cleverly together in the end.

A touching, festive tale touching on sensitive subjects such as death and organ donations, Milly has written another story filled with heart warming humour, delicious characters and poignant moments that will melt the coldest of hearts. A charming story of love, life and starting over, ‘The Mother Of All Christmases’ is an enchanting story of friendship that will have you captivated from the first page.

You can buy The Mother of All Christmases from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.