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Avon releases free ebook of short stories – The Perfect Escape

The Perfect EscapeFor those looking for the perfect poolside read, you will be pleased to hear that Avon will be releasing a FREE collection of short stories called ‘The Perfect Escape’. Featuring irresistible tales of love, friendship, betrayal and passion, from Sunday Times bestselling authors Claudia Carroll, Miranda Dickinson, Julia Williams and many others,’The Perfect Escape’ showcases some of the best commercial women’s fiction.

Some of the stories are –

Everyone’s against Claire marrying Barry in Don’t Marry Barry. Claire is determined to prove them wrong. If only she could get a significant ex out of her head …

Four for Home is the moving story of Jim, left by the love of his life to bring up his three young daughters …

My Midsummer Miracle is the story of Lizzie, who is penniless and lonely. Before she died, Lizzie’s mother promised her some midsummer magic. This Midsummer’s’ Day will Lizzie’s fortunes be changed?

Amanda’s excited about her hen party in The Naughty Girls Hen Weekend. But the best laid plans never do run smoothly …

In The Psychic 32-year-old lawyer Gina does nothing but work. Little does she realise that a surprise gift to see a psychic will change her life …

The Goslathon is Stella Newman’s witty tribute to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

Soldedad had thought she had finally tamed womaniser Lance in The Clause. But leopards can’t change their spots and when a mystery woman catches Lance’s eye on holiday, sparks fly …

Each short story is followed by exclusive extracts of each of the authors upcoming titles.

I am loving the sound of this collection, featuring some of my favourite authors, this is definitely one ebook I will be downloading and with it being free, there is no way to can resist this literary treat!

You can download The Perfect Escape
to your Kindle from 27th June 2013.

Leftovers By Stella Newman

Leftovers ‘Leftovers’ is the second book by Stella Newman.

Susie Rosen’s life is a mess. According to her best friend Rebecca, she needs to get over her ex, move forward and start dating. A magazine article tells her she is a ‘Leftover’ – a post Bridget Jones 30 something who has neither her dream job or any sense of a meaningful relationship, she doesn’t even own four matching plates. Following her grandmother’s philosophy that there is a pasta shape and sauce for just about every situation. Susie cooks as she is overlooked for promotion yet again, manages hellish clients and tries to stop stalking her ex on Facebook.

Just like ‘Pearshaped’, ‘Leftovers’ is another additive modern tale of heartache and food. The main character, Susie is lovely as she longs for her big promotion, she counts down the days until she can finally break free from the clutches of her stressful marketing job, away from her over eater boss, Devron and bitchy Karly. Only cute IT technician Sam makes Susie’s work day more bearable. As she drudges wearily through life as a singleton trying to ignore the gaping hole in her heart that her ex boyfriend, Jake left behind, she finds solace and comfort in her grandmother’s old pasta recipes. Wonderfully creative and refreshingly mouthwatering, she creates food dishes perfect for any scenario in life, whether it is from a broken heart or when a best friend lets you down.

Stella is a great writer, her writing is honest, witty and gives an insight into the life of a single girl in London, striving for success, love and happiness. Just like real life, it is a struggle to find true contentment in life but in Stella’s sharp style of narrative and dialogue, we join Susie as she deals with the hurdles and dramas that life throws at her, with amusing and touching results.

A heartwarming story of discovery, friendship and food, ‘Leftovers’ is a fantastic story, perfect for all who have a passion for life and most importantly, food!

You can buy Leftovers on Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

Pearshaped By Stella Newman

Pearshaped ‘Pearshaped’ is Stella Newman’s first book.

Sophie Klein walks into a bar one Friday night and her life changes. She meets James Stephens, charismatic, elusive and with a hosiery model ex who casts a long thin shadow over their burgeoning relationship. James is clever, witty and shares one of Sophie’s greatest passions in life, to eat and drink slightly too much and then have a little lie down. Sophie’s instinct tells her that James is too good to be true – and he is.

‘Pearshaped’ is the first book that I have read by Stella Newman and even though I absolutely loved this book, I was completely unprepared for the emotions that I experienced whilst reading this roller-coaster about love, food, heartache and discovery.

From the offset, Sophie is a fabulous lead character, bubbly with a passion for life and food. Her high spiritedness is contagious but as she meets rich business man, James, the sweetheart that I found myself finding a new friendship in, turned into an insecure and uncertain woman. Regularly James compared her to other women, making her question her thoughts and actions in the relationship and for this, I absolutely despised this character. I loathed James with all my heart, he was vain and arrogant and at times quite the manipulator. Frequently I wanted to hurl the book at the wall, when he would remark some fleeting statement to Sophie, making her turn into a shadow of former exuberant self.

‘Pearshaped’ is Stella’s first book and what a victorious debut it is. With a wonderful lead character who is impossible not to like, a horrible boyfriend, witty dialogue and a vast quantity of delicious sweets and desserts, this book is for anyone who has loved and lost. A sharp, refreshing and occasionally sad story, that tells beautifully, of the balance between love and insanity, it is an honest tale of discovery and finally accepting who you are, cellulite marks and all.

You can buy Pear Shaped on Amazon and is available from good bookshops.

Stella Newman’s New Book – Leftovers

Leftovers Stella Newman is back with her new book ‘Leftovers’, her second book after her debut book ‘Pearshaped’, which was released last year.

The story is –

According to a magazine, Susie is a ‘Leftover’ – a post Bridget-Jones 30 something who has neither her dream man, job, nor home. She doesn’t even own six matching dinner plates.

According to her friend Rebecca, Susie needs to get over her ex, Jake, start online dating – or at least stop being so rude to every guy who tries to chat her up.

But Susie’s got a plan. If she can just make it the 307 days till her promotion and bonus, she can finally quit and pursue her dream career in food, then surely everything else will fall into place. If only her love life wasn’t so complicated…

I haven’t read any of Stella’s writing before, but ‘Pearshaped’ is in my book pile waiting to be read and by the sounds of this book, ‘Leftovers’ will also be soon joining it! With such a pretty cover, ‘Leftovers’ sounds like a lovely story.

You can pre-order Leftovers on Amazon and will be available from good bookshops from 25th April 2013.

Handwritten Girl’s Adventure To Avon/Harper Collins

Harper Collins/Avon

Authors from left to right – Laura Ziepe, (Essex Girls), Sophie Hart, (The Naughty Girls Bookclub), Gill Paul, (The Affair and Women and Children First), Julia Williams, (A Merry Little Christmas) Fiona Gibson, (Pedigree Mum), Claudia Carroll (A Very Accidental Love Story) and Erin Kaye (Second Time Around).

Last week, Handwritten Girl was a bit quiet as I had taken myself away on a little adventure to London, to the Avon Digital Drinks reception at the Harper Collins building.

Becke Parker kindly invited me along with with fellow book reviewers giving us the perfect opportunity to meet some of our favourite Avon authors. It was there that I met author of ‘Pearshaped’, Stella Newman and Sam Binnie, who’s latest book ‘The Baby Diaries’ has just hit the bookshelves. Both authors were so welcoming and we discovered a mutual love for Ryan Gosling.

Fiona Gibson, author of ‘Pedigree Mum’ was lovely, having travelled from Scotland was eager to hear all about the website and gave me a copy of her latest to review. Erin Kaye, fellow Northern Irelander is an author I had heard off but hadn’t had the chance to read, but this was soon rectified after she kindly gave a signed copy of her latest ‘Second Time Around’. Erin was particularly lovely, offering me tips and advice on my writing, whilst telling me about her own writing journey and how she thinks the writing industry itself, is developing.

Finally I got to meet the lovely bubbly Claudia Carroll, having chatted regularly on Twitter, it was wonderful to meet her in person and what a delightful character she was, chatting away and offering tips and ideas for what we could do during our brief stay in the city.

After wine and cupcakes and being shown around the offices where I was allowed to take books that caught my attention. I left Harper Collins on a high with a big bag of books including a advanced copy of Claudia Carroll’s brand spanking new book, ‘Me and You’. After a short but fun evening, I wish to extend a huge thank you to Becke Parker, for the wonderful invite and for looking after all of us!