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Leftovers By Stella Newman

Leftovers ‘Leftovers’ is the second book by Stella Newman.

Susie Rosen’s life is a mess. According to her best friend Rebecca, she needs to get over her ex, move forward and start dating. A magazine article tells her she is a ‘Leftover’ – a post Bridget Jones 30 something who has neither her dream job or any sense of a meaningful relationship, she doesn’t even own four matching plates. Following her grandmother’s philosophy that there is a pasta shape and sauce for just about every situation. Susie cooks as she is overlooked for promotion yet again, manages hellish clients and tries to stop stalking her ex on Facebook.

Just like ‘Pearshaped’, ‘Leftovers’ is another additive modern tale of heartache and food. The main character, Susie is lovely as she longs for her big promotion, she counts down the days until she can finally break free from the clutches of her stressful marketing job, away from her over eater boss, Devron and bitchy Karly. Only cute IT technician Sam makes Susie’s work day more bearable. As she drudges wearily through life as a singleton trying to ignore the gaping hole in her heart that her ex boyfriend, Jake left behind, she finds solace and comfort in her grandmother’s old pasta recipes. Wonderfully creative and refreshingly mouthwatering, she creates food dishes perfect for any scenario in life, whether it is from a broken heart or when a best friend lets you down.

Stella is a great writer, her writing is honest, witty and gives an insight into the life of a single girl in London, striving for success, love and happiness. Just like real life, it is a struggle to find true contentment in life but in Stella’s sharp style of narrative and dialogue, we join Susie as she deals with the hurdles and dramas that life throws at her, with amusing and touching results.

A heartwarming story of discovery, friendship and food, ‘Leftovers’ is a fantastic story, perfect for all who have a passion for life and most importantly, food!

You can buy Leftovers on Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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