Case Files: Collected Short Crime Stories Vol. 1 By Rachel Amphlett

Case Files: Collected Short Crime Stories Vol. 1‘Case Files: Collected Short Crime Stories Vol. 1’ is the latest book by Rachel Amphlett.

This page-turning collection features ‘The Man Cave’, in which Darren regains consciousness in a dank basement where escape turns out to be the least of his worries; in ‘All Night Long’ Zoe soon wishes she wasn’t working the late shift; and in ‘Nowhere to Run’ a rookie detective encounters her first serial killer… but will she survive?

If you enjoy thrillers but don’t have the time to read a full novel, then I’d thoroughly recommend this collection of short stories, perfect for people short on time.

The stories are thrillingly written packed with fast paced plot lines, flawed and relatable characters all with secrets and drama that they’ll go to any length to keep hidden. There are 12 stories to enjoy, some considerably shorter than others and some that you really could sink your teeth into!

I particularly enjoyed ‘The Reckoning’ about a mysterious newcomer to a nursing home and ‘Nowhere To Run’ which is a Detective Kay Hunter short story, about a night time killer targeting young women out running.

Witty, dark and creepy, ‘Case Files’ gives an interesting insight into police procedures as well as the narratives from the good and bad guys. I’ll definitely be looking into Volume 2!

You can buy ‘Case Files: Collected Short Crime Stories Vol. 1’ from Amazon.

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