Homecoming By Isabel Ashdown

Homecoming‘Homecoming’ is the latest book by Isabel Ashdown.

Welcome to The Starlings… sun, sea and neighbours to die for. Security, a sparkling sea view and the best kind of neighbours – The Starlings gated community has it all. Here, doors are left open, children run free, and at the heart of it all is the entrepreneurial Gold Family, who first dreamed up this aspirational vision of ‘Dorset’s Safest Community’. To the outside world the popular family appears glitteringly blessed… until an idyllic party takes a dark turn and one of their number is found slumped at the foot of the clocktower. Who knows what really happened? And what answers are harboured within the old building, the former Highcap Mother and Baby Home?

The latest book by Isabel Ashdown is a character driven thriller packed with secrets and lies that made for gripping reading.

Set in The Starlings, it was once a mother and baby home but Katrin has bought the land and made a lovely development for homeowners. Born in the Starlings home herself, Katrin hopes to make the development a happier place and when Ginny moves in, an older woman they become close friends.

The story is seen through the narrative of Katrin, Ginny and Frida who is Katrin’s niece. All three are going through difficult times and keeping secrets and as the story progresses and we delve into their backgrounds of the mother and baby homes and in Frida who’s dealing with being dropped by her best friends and suspended from school.

The different perspectives of the story add such an element of mystery to plot as everyone has something to hide. The story is wonderfully descriptive from the vivid descriptions of the harsh treatment at the mother and baby home to the beautiful descriptions of The Starlings and its majestic clock tower.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it had just the right amount of character and plot development that really pulled me in. The characters are relatable and engaging and their dramas really hooked my attention.

Twisty and compelling from the start, ‘Homecoming’ is a story of deceit, drama and finding yourself along the way.

You can buy ‘Homecoming’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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