Revenge Killing By Leigh Russell

‘Revenge Killing’ is the 21st book in the DI Steele series by Leigh Russell.

A man is found dead, lying at the bottom of the stairs to his flat, his body blocking the door of the elderly woman who lives downstairs. The worried landlord who finds the body seeks advice from his friend’s wife – now Detective Inspector Ariadne Moralis. Something in his demeanour hints at a hidden secret. When it becomes apparent that the body has been moved, it is clear the man’s death was not an accident. With only an elderly witness who seems hesitant to disclose all she heard unless the price is right, and a key suspect on the run having fled the scene, Ariadne finds herself grasping at straws. DNA evidence supports the witness’s claims that the victim had two girlfriends, Carly is unwilling to cooperate. Lauren is missing. The motive remains unclear, and the case becomes a confounding maze of unanswered questions, pushing Ariadne to her limits. Meanwhile, Geraldine Steel, adjusting to the routine of new motherhood, longs for the thrill of being at the centre of an investigation. As the body count grows, and every lead seems to turn out to be a dead end, the case quickly throws up more questions than answers, and Ariadne is rapidly out of her depth. Can her friend Geraldine Steel help her uncover the truth?

I’ve read a few books in this series and they are always interesting police procedural books seen from the perspective of both the victims and the police and ‘Revenge Killing’ is the same. The story flows at a pace alternating between the girlfriend of the victim Lauren who’s on the run from the police and DI Ariadne who’s trying to piece the case together. But she’s also getting help from Geraldine Steele, a new nother who loves her little boy dearly but finds the day long and longs to be back in work.

Gripping from the start and an interesting insight into police procedures, ‘Revenge Killing’ is a complex story about lies, drama and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can buy ’Revenge Killing’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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