Strictly Between Us By Jane Fallon

[amazon_link id=”1405917679″ target=”_blank” ]Strictly Between Us’[/amazon_link]’Strictly Behind Us’ is the latest book by Jane Fallon.

Behind every great woman stands another one. And for television producer Tamsin, that’s Bea, her brilliant assistant. The only one Tamsin can trust with her coffee order, her dry-cleaning and filing – Bea does it all with a smile on her face. So when Tamsin hears a rumour that Patrick, her oldest and best friend’s husband, is cheating on his wife, she is furious. Knowing she can’t just ignore it, Tamsin plots a scheme to catch Patrick in the act, using Bea as live-bait. It should be foolproof. Except Tamsin never considered Bea might have her own agenda. And if she does, then Tamsin really needs to watch her back…

Jane Fallon is back with another great story, a story about friendship and lying, this deceitful tale was impossible to put down. The story is about Tasmin, who has been best friends with Michelle, since they were teenagers, she can never imagine Michelle not in her life and when Michelle marries Patrick, she considers the pair of them more as family than friends. But then one day, Tasmin hears through the grapevine that Patrick is a bit of a womaniser and desperate to find out whether there is any truth in it or not, she asks her assistant Bea to help honeytrap Patrick and find out if there is any truth in the rumours. Then follows on a story, filled with drama, illicit affairs and compromising positions.

The story is seen primarily through the eyes of Tasmin, a woman who likes to be in control in life, happy in her career as a television executive, everything is going well, the only thing that is missing is a man. I did find myself feeling sorry for Tasmin, as she tried to find love as well as look out for her best friend, but then when things spiralled out of control and she finds herself in trouble, my feelings did change and I didn’t feel as sorry as her, infact I began to dislike her as the story progressed. The story is also seen through the eyes of Bea, who is Tasmin’s assistant and I thought this a genius idea, as it turned the story completely on its head, as we saw a completely different side to the angelic character who shines in Tasmin’s eyes.

Presented in a stylish cover, I loved this story and in Jane’s trademark style there is always a twist that catches the reader off guard. Filled with likeable and dislikable characters, the book is a compelling and cleverly written story about friendship and just how far you will go to protect your friendship. A fast moving story with edgy plot-lines and divided loyalties, ‘Strictly Between Us’ is an intriguing tale about love and lies.

You can buy [amazon_link id=”1405917679″ target=”_blank” ]Strictly Between Us from Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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