The Forever of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

[amazon_link id=”0751552275″ target=”_blank” ]The Forever of Ella and Micha[/amazon_link]’The Forever of Ella and Micha’ is the follow-up book to ‘The Secret of Ella and Micha’ by New York Times bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen.

Micha spends his days travelling the country with the band, but being away from Ella is harder than he thought. He wants her closer to him – needs her with him. But he won’t ask her to leave college, just to be with him. The few moments they do spend together are fleeting, intense and filled with passion. They know they want to be together, but is wanting something enough to get them to their forever?

As a fan of Jessica Sorensen and particularly of Ella and Micha, I was delighted when I received a copy of ‘The Forever of Ella and Micha’ and immediately started to read about the tempestuous relationship of the young couple.

The story continues on where ‘The Secret of Ella and Micha’ left off, Ella has gone off to university whilst Micha is on the road with his band touring. Through dramas of family issues, Ella’s battle with her emotions and trust issues that both people harbour, the relationship rarely runs smoothly and is often a volatile one.

With the chapters alternating from both characters, it gives an insight into their hopes and fears for the relationship that they have worked so hard for. Micha is still as strong willed and as passionate as in the previous book, a character that I easily fell for, with pet names, a gentle nature and Jessica’s vivid description of the young gentleman, It was easy to understand Ella’s desire for him.

Whilst Ella was a poor troubled soul, that you did feel sympathy for. A deep thinker with the occasional burst of life, that made you laugh at her recklessness and abandon. Both characters best friends Lily and Ethan, provided welcome a welcome distraction for the couple, as they shared their troubles with their friends, as they understood the complex relationship.

Having enjoyed ‘The Secret of Ella and Micha’ I was delighted with the follow up book and thought it gave an element of closure into one of my favourite couples of 2013. Deliciously sexy, that was definitely a bit more darker and scandalous than the first book, ‘The Forever of Ella and Micha’ is another gripping and intense story filled with angst, the complications of first love and moving forward. I loved it!

You can buy [amazon_link id=”0751552275″ target=”_blank” ]The Forever of Ella and Micha on Amazon [/amazon_link] and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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